Ekahau Announces New Distribution Agreement with 数据收集器 in Australia and New Zealand


新南威尔士州库尔内尔。一月29,2017— Ekahau, the global leader in enterprise Wi-Fi network design solutions, today announced a new relationship in Australia and New Zealand with 数据收集器, an ASX listed hardware distributor with over 35 years experience. 

Under the terms of the new agreement, 数据收集器 will market, sell, and support 叶卡豪’从2018年1月开始的完整产品组合,包括  旗舰现场调查& Planner software – 叶卡豪现场勘测和3D规划师 在为其不断发展的渠道合作伙伴网络设计和维护Wi-Fi网络时,它提供了业界领先的客户体验和最高的投资回报率。

Additionally, 数据收集器 will sell 叶卡豪’新发布的首款同类多合一Wi-Fi网站调查设备, 叶卡豪Sidekick™。它可以更快地测量无线网络,并提供同类最佳的Wi-Fi频谱分析。可穿戴式Wi-Fi诊断和测量工具使无线工程师能够比任何其他解决方案更快,更准确地收集Wi-Fi网络的全面数据。

随着Wi-Fi成为云,物联网,视频和蜂窝数据卸载的实际载体,对Wi-Fi网络的需求呈指数增长。这些关键任务业务应用程序推动了Wi-Fi网络的性能极限,因此必须以更高的精度和容量设计和部署它们。 叶卡豪现场勘测和3D Planner通过简化无线设计,故障排除和优化,可帮助企业解决Wi-Fi问题。

David Dicker, Chairman and CEO, 数据收集器 Limited said “We’re pleased to be welcoming 叶卡豪to our vendor line-up. Our presence in the networking space has grown substantially and the technologies 叶卡豪bring to market will help our partners to ensure they’re deploying the right solutions for each of their customers’ environments. Furthermore, the 叶卡豪range underpins a unique service offering for our partners to survey their new and existing customer sites to uncover new networking opportunities.”

“Together with 数据收集器, we will be able to provide resellers with industry-leading Wi-Fi diagnostics and measurement software and devices built to work with any access point including Cisco and Aruba/HPE, helping customers design, deploy, validate and maintain better Wi-Fi.” said Antony Prasad, Sales Director for 叶卡豪in Asia Pacific.



叶卡豪is headquartered in Reston, VA. www.59un.cn.

关于 数据收集器

数据收集器 (ASX: DDR) 是一家澳大利亚拥有并运营的,在ASX上市的硬件分销商,拥有超过35年的经验。我们敬业的销售和售前团队由经验丰富的产品专家组成,他们专注于利用其深入的知识来帮助客户量身定制解决方案,以满足客户的需求。

Selling exclusively to over 5000 resellers, 数据收集器 prides itself on establishing and developing strong long term relationships with its customer base to help facilitate growth. 数据收集器’s customer-centric approach allows for proactive reseller engagement and the dynamic ability to shift with changing market conditions.

数据收集器’s product portfolio comprises of leading technology vendors including Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, Cisco, Toshiba, Lenovo, Microsoft and other tier 1 global brands. Currently positioned as the leading distributor for several of these vendors in Australia, 数据收集器 has enjoyed continuous growth despite the current economic climate. 数据收集器 plans to continue this growth through proactive reseller enablement and expanding upon the success experienced with existing competitive strategies. www.dickerdata.com.au.